Coshar 4pcs Bed Rail Brackets – The Strong, Secure and Easy Way to Assemble Your Bed Frame



Are you struggling to put together your bed frame? Tired of flimsy joints and wobbly bed rails? Search no more! Coshar’s bed rail brackets are the simple solution for creating a sturdy and reliable bed frame.

These premium zinc-plated iron brackets are made to last – they won’t rust, corrode or bend under pressure. Just screw them into place on your bed posts, rails, headboard and footboard using the included screws. The compact 3.6 x 2.8 inch size fits any bed frame or component.

With Coshar’s bed rail brackets, you’ll enjoy:

Rock-Solid Strength and Stability

The thick 1.2 inch profile and durable iron construction give these brackets incredible strength. They effortlessly handle the daily stresses of holding your bed together securely. No more creaks, squeaks or movement.

Universal, Easy Attachment

The versatile design works with any wooden bed frame, headboard, footboard or bed rail. Just use a drill and screws to easily attach the brackets in minutes. No specialty tools or skills required!

Rust-Free Durability

The zinc-plated coating protects against rust and corrosion. These brackets will maintain their sleek silvery finish for years of reliable use. No need to worry about ugly rust stains ruining the look of your bed.

Smooth, Non-Marring Grip

Rubber pads on the inside of the bracket provide a soft, non-marring grip. They prevent slipping, scratches and damage to your bed frame. You get a sturdy hold without messing up your components.

peace of mind

With strong, securely fastened joints, your bed will feel so much more stable and comfortable. No need to worry about collapse or breakage – just relaxation and restful sleep.

Coshar’s bed rail brackets are built to take the hassle out of assembling and reinforcing beds. Just a few screws gives you confidence that your bed frame will stay sturdy and silent for years. Ditch the rickety joints and get your bedtime oasis in order with these reliable brackets!


These brackets worked perfectly for attaching the rails on my daughter’s bunk bed. Much more secure than just screws. Highly recommend!

Super easy to install and very durable. My bed frame feels so much more solid now. Should have bought these sooner!

Did the job well for my bed frame. Brackets could be a little bigger but overall very sturdy.

Product Details

Set includes 4 bed rail brackets plus screws
Overall size: 3.6 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches
Zinc-plated iron construction
Fits any wooden bed frame or component
Easy installation with included screws
Helps create stronger, more stable bed frames
Prevents wobbling, creaking and breaking
Rubber pads protect bed frame from damage
Rust-resistant and corrosion-proof

How to Assemble Your Bed Frame Using Coshar Brackets

Follow these simple steps for foolproof installation:

Lay out all bed frame components and verify you have all necessary tools. A power drill with a Phillips bit will be needed.
Position a bed rail bracket on the inside of the joint between two components. This may be where the rail meets the post, headboard meets rail, etc.
Using the included screws, drill the bracket securely into the two components. Ensure screws are tight.
Install a bracket on the outside of the joint as well for maximum strength.
Repeat steps 2-4 for each remaining corner and joint on the frame.
Once all brackets are securely installed, carefully flip your bed frame over onto its legs.
Give the frame a shake test – it should now feel sturdy and free of wobbling or instability.
Enjoy your newly reinforced bed and peaceful sleep!
With Coshar’s heavy duty bed rail brackets, assembly is a cinch. In under an hour you can have a bed frame that’s built to last for years. Never deal with a creaky, broken bed again!

Still have questions? Reach out to our friendly customer service team for installation tips or any other help. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Add Coshar’s bed rail brackets to your cart now for the simplest way to a rock-solid bed frame!


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