Conair Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with Incandescent Bulbs and 5X Magnification



Experience the perfect lighting and magnification for flawless makeup application with the Conair Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror. With its incandescent bulbs that provide a soft, warm glow and 5X magnification mirror, this Conair mirror makes it easy to apply your makeup with precision.

Lights Up Your Beauty Routine

The Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror features incandescent lighting that casts a traditional, soft glow – ideal lighting that allows you to see colors and details accurately as you apply makeup. The warm light eliminates shadows and mimics natural sunlight, so you can clearly see to fill in brows, blend eyeshadow, apply lip color and more. Simple on/off lighting gives you control over the brightness.

5X Magnification for a Flawless Look

Along with perfect lighting, the 5X magnification mirror helps you get up close to apply makeup with precision. Check for any clumps in mascara, fill in brows hair-by-hair, ensure lips and liner have crisp edges – the 5X magnifying side helps you see clearly for flawless results.

Adjustable Mirror Head for Ideal Angles

The Conair double-sided mirror has an adjustable head that rotates and tilts so you can position the regular and magnified mirrors at ideal angles. Tilt the magnifying side closer to see tiny details. Rotate the non-magnified side to eliminate glare and shadows. Find the perfect viewpoint for any makeup task.

Compact Size for Portability

The round compact size of this Conair lighted makeup mirror makes it easy to move around and store. Set it on your bedroom vanity, pack it in an overnight bag for travel or stand it up on your bathroom counter for quick makeup touch-ups. The polished chrome finish gives it a stylish look.

Detailed Features:

  • Incandescent lighting provides a soft, warm glow for accurate color
  • 5X magnification mirror for an up-close view to apply makeup precisely
  • Stand tilts and rotates to adjust angles of regular and magnified mirrors
  • On/off switch conveniently controls lighting
  • Round compact shape for portability and storage
  • Polished chrome finish adds style to your space
  • 5.5-inch diameter viewing area
  • Cord length of 65 inches
  • Comes with replacement incandescent bulb (Model RP34B)


“I love how clear and bright my makeup looks using this mirror! The lighting shows true color without shadows.”

“The 5X magnification is amazing for putting on eyeliner. I can get the perfect precise cat eye every time.”

“This mirror is the perfect size for traveling. I don’t have to do my makeup in bad lighting anymore.”

“The adjustable angles let me get the mirror right where I need it. Makes doing makeup so much easier.”

“I wanted a lighted mirror that didn’t look too utilitarian. This polished chrome design looks classy on my vanity.”

Transform Your Beauty Routine

Experience professional quality lighting and magnification to elevate your makeup application. The Conair Lighted Vanity Mirror provides everything you need for quick touch-ups or full makeup with perfect precision. The warm incandescent glow shows true color, while the 5X magnified side lets you see and correct the smallest details.

Pick up the Conair Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror today to reveal your most flawless-looking skin.


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