Compact Makeup Mirrors for Purse – Set of 3 Colorful On-the-Go Mirrors



Tired of lugging around a heavy makeup bag just for a mirror? Introducing our set of 3 compact mirrors – the perfect portable solution for checking your look anytime, anywhere! These conveniently sized mirrors easily fit into any purse, bag or pocket so you can discreetly peek at your reflection no matter where you are.

The slim, lightweight design of our compact mirrors makes them ideal for carrying in your handbag. Measuring just 2.6” x 2.37” and only 0.15” thick, these mini mirrors add hardly any bulk while giving you the ability to check your lipstick, fix stray hairs, remove food from your teeth or make other quick beauty fixes throughout the day. The round shape and translucent rim allow them to discreetly blend into your bag.


  • Single-sided regular glass mirror shows reflection with no magnification or distortion
  • Covered with anti-fall translucent PS plastic for durability
  • Set of 3 different colors – white, blue and red
  • Each mirror measures 2.6” diameter x 0.15” thick – easily portable size
  • Lightweight, slim design slides right into purses, bags or pockets

While each mirror gives you a clear, regular reflection, we’ve added a fun pop of color with 3 different shades – white, blue and red. Keep one mirror for yourself and gift the others to your stylish friends! The colors make it easy to quickly grab the right mirror from your bag.

Made from quality materials like glass and PS plastic, our mini mirrors are designed to be durable as well as cute. The plastic cover protects the glass from falls and scratches inside your bag. We want these compact mirrors to last through years of daily use!

Take Your Mirror Anywhere

Fix your look no matter where you are with our ultra-portable compact mirrors. Their conveniently small size allows you to discreetly check your appearance anytime, anywhere:

In your purse – Toss a mini mirror in your handbag or clutch and never be caught off guard again! Quickly peek to reapply lipstick and makeup over meals or refresh your look before big meetings.

At your desk – Keep a compact mirror in your desk drawer to periodically check for food in your teeth, maintains your work look or prep for after-work drinks.

In your car – Use the mirrors for a final check before heading into the office after a long commute. Or use in traffic when you don’t want to pull down the visor.

While traveling – Security lines and cramped airplane bathrooms make it hard to see your reflection. Use a portable mirror to reapply lipstick post-flight or fix makeup on the go.

In your pocket – Slip a thin mirror in your pants or jacket pocket for the utmost portability. Subtly check for makeup smudges without anyone noticing!

The options are endless with these purse-sized mirrors! They take up hardly any space while giving you the ability to peek at your reflection anytime.

The Perfect Gift for Any Woman

Still looking for a gift idea for the women in your life – girlfriend, wife, daughter, bridesmaids or mom? This set of 3 colorful compact mirrors makes for an extremely useful present that any lady will appreciate!

They work as great:

  • Birthday gifts – Give the gift of convenience with a cute new mirror she can throw in her bag
  • Bridesmaid gifts – Must-have mirrors for bridal parties to look picture-perfect all wedding long
  • Graduation gifts – Help grads stay polished as they start their first big job
  • Christmas or holiday gifts – Small, cute stocking stuffers or gift bag fillers
  • Galentine’s Day gifts – Share the love with your girls this February 14th!

The sleek, slim design means these mirrors can fit into any style handbag – whether your giftee prefers big totes or tiny clutches, we’ve got them covered. Plus the 3 color options add a fun and personalized touch.

Giving the gift of convenience, our portable mirrors allow women to discreetly check their lipstick and hair anytime. We’re sure your gift recipient will appreciate these handy little mirrors that fit perfectly into her lifestyle!

We Stand Behind Our Products

We make sure our compact mirrors are designed for longevity and durability with their anti-fall plastic covers. However, should you experience any issues with breakage, our friendly customer service team is here to help! We will quickly replace any broken mirrors – just contact us.

We also back our products with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply let us know to get a full refund.

We hope our high quality, convenient mini mirrors become a handbag staple you use anytime, anywhere. Contact us with any questions or concerns – our team is happy to assist!


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