Coffee Bean Direct Highlander Grogg Flavored Whole Bean Coffee – Whiskey Infused Blend for a Lively Morning Cup



Wake up to the intoxicating aroma of Coffee Bean Direct’s flavorful Highlander Grogg coffee blend! This medium roast coffee cleverly combines smooth, buttery notes with a splash of warming whiskey flavor (no alcohol included) for a lively cup that’s perfect for chasing away the morning chill.

Take a deep whiff of these whole coffee beans before brewing and you’ll notice hints of brown sugar, sweet cream, and oak barrels mingling with the rich coffee scent. The taste is just as wonderful – each sip starts off mild and buttery before the whiskey and spice flavors kick in, ending in a smooth, mellow finish. We’ve expertly roasted and blended these beans to highlight the whiskey notes while maintaining a medium body and mild acidity that isn’t overpowering.

Whether you enjoy your coffee black or prefer adding cream and sugar, Highlander Grogg’s balanced profile means it pairs well with all kinds of additions. The brown sugar and oaky flavors complement sweeter creamers and syrups, while the spicy kick holds its own alongside milk or cream. The medium roast also allows the origin flavors to shine through for a complex, layered cup every time.

Flavor That Makes Mornings More Fun

Sometimes you need a little something extra to make the early morning hours more enjoyable. That’s where the ingenious whiskey inspiration behind Highlander Grogg comes in! The rich, indulgent flavors will have you looking forward to sipping your cup of joe each day.

Rather than just going through the motions with your regular old breakfast blend, enjoy a coffee that actually makes you smile. The buttery, spicy, and sweet notes dance on your tongue and bring some much-needed excitement to bleary-eyed mornings.

Highlander Grogg will quickly become your go-to for those pre-work caffeine fixes. Its mood-elevating properties go beyond the normal jolt from the caffeine – it’s hard not to feel cheery with each sip of that intense, whiskey-infused flavor!

Quality Beans Expertly Roasted for Optimal Flavor

At Coffee Bean Direct, we are dedicated to the craft of roasting and blending to bring out the very best in our coffee beans. For Highlander Grogg, we’ve carefully selected and combined beans from premier growing regions around the world, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Kenya.

By starting with higher quality beans harvested at peak ripeness, we ensure the fullest coffee flavor possible. Our experienced roasters then exercise precise control over every step of the roasting process. We roast the beans to a medium level to fully develop the sugars and aromatics without tipping into the more bitter notes you often get from darker roasts.

The result is a perfectly balanced cup that allows you to appreciate the complex tastes and aromas of the component beans. You’ll detect hints of their origin through the whiskey spice – from the winey acidity of Kenyan beans to the cocoa finish of Brazilian. Our passion for roasting means more depth, nuance, and enjoyment in every sip!

Treat Yourself to Fresh, Flavorful Coffee

With Highlander Grogg from Coffee Bean Direct, you’re guaranteed fresh, bold coffee that’s been expertly handled from crop to cup. We never cut corners or compromise on providing coffee at peak flavor and freshness to our customers.

You can trust that you’ll receive recently roasted beans that have been specially packaged to lock in aroma and freshness. Each bag comes with our roast date clearly printed, so you know exactly how long your coffee has been waiting for you to enjoy it.

Once you open your 5-pound bag, be sure to store any unused portion in an airtight container away from air, heat, and moisture to maintain that just-roasted quality. Follow our recommended brewing methods for the optimal balance of sweet, spicy, and roasted flavors in every well-crafted cup.

We also offer multiple grind options like fine grind for espresso or French press, coarse grind for cold brewing or drip machines, and whole bean if you prefer grinding small batches at home as needed. This makes it easy to consistently get the best out of these fantastic coffee beans.

Exploring the Many Delicious Possibilities

The lively, whiskey-kissed flavor profile of Highlander Grogg coffee beans means they work well prepared in all different ways – giving you an excuse to play barista right in your own kitchen!

Try them in your typical morning Americano or drip machine, where Highlander Grogg’s medium body and smooth mouthfeel really shine. Or showcase the beans’ more nuanced notes in a pour over, Aeropress, or cold brew.

The possibilities don’t stop at hot coffee either. Highlander Grogg makes a particularly wonderful iced coffee on warm days – cool down with a cold brew concentrate cut with milk and served over ice for an invigorating treat. And don’t forget dessert – use these beans to elevate everything from tiramisu to whiskey-spiked milkshakes or ice cream.

However you choose to prepare your daily cup, Coffee Bean Direct’s Highlander Grogg beans will quickly become a pantry staple you reach for again and again. Their complex, whiskey-influenced flavor profile makes mornings more fun and exciting. Pick up a bag today and discover your new favorite coffee!


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