Coastal Rose Space Saving 20 Section Hanging Shoe Organizer Rack Storage Shelf Closet Holder



Tired of constantly tripping over piles of shoes scattered across your bedroom or closet floor? Coastal Rose has the perfect solution for you – this ingenious 20 section hanging shoe organizer! With room for up to 20 pairs of shoes, this organizer allows you to neatly store your footwear collection in a way that saves space and looks great.

This heavy duty organizer is constructed from high quality non-woven fabric that is thick and durable, yet remains lightweight and easy to install. The top of each section is reinforced with sturdy steel wire to prevent any sagging, even when fully loaded. With the help of two sturdy steel hooks that slide easily over any closet rod or garment rack, you can have this organizer hung up securely in minutes.

Each of the 20 roomy compartments measures 12″ wide by 12″ deep, providing ample storage space for shoes of any style – heels, sandals, sneakers, boots, etc. The slots are even deep enough to store boots standing upright. Both sides of the organizer feature 10 slots each, allowing you to view all your footwear choices at a glance. Whether you hang it horizontally or vertically, you’ll be able to see every pair clearly and pull them out with ease. No more digging around piles on the floor!

But the usefulness of this shoe organizer extends far beyond footwear storage. The spacious compartments are also ideal for neatly corralling all kinds of clothing accessories, athletic gear, craft supplies, toys, and more. Get your closet clutter under control by designating different sections for purses, scarves, hats, mittens, folded sweaters, uniforms, Legos – anything you need to organize!

With a neutral gray color that complements any decor, this hanging shoe organizer looks right at home in closets and entryways. The lightweight design makes it easy to remove and carry along for vacations and trips too. Wherever you hang it, you’ll be amazed what a difference organized shoe storage can make. No more chaotic mess or playing hide and seek trying to find matching pairs!

Reasons to love this space saving shoe organizer:

20 roomy compartments store up to 20 pairs of shoes
Durable non-woven fabric resists rips and stains
Reinforced with steel wire to prevent sagging
Two sturdy steel hooks for easy closet installation
Lightweight and easy to transport
Multipurpose – great for clothing, toys, gear, accessories
Neutral gray color suits any decor
Cleans easily with just soap and water
Free up floor space, banish messy piles of shoes, and infuse order into your closet with the Coastal Rose hanging shoe organizer. You’ll be amazed how much neater and more organized your closet looks after installing this handy storage solution. Shoes always neatly stowed and right at your fingertips – it’s a game changer!

Ready to get your shoe collection organized and off the floor for good? Click Add to Cart now to get your Coastal Rose hanging shoe organizer today! Your feet and closet will thank you.

More About This Product

This 20 section shoe organizer from Coastal Rose is designed to provide the ultimate solution for neat, out of the way shoe storage in closets and entryways. Constructed using only the finest materials and workmanship, it’s built to last for years while making your daily life easier.

Here are some key facts about this high quality organizer:

Materials – Made from thick, durable non-woven fabric that resists tearing, stains, and general wear and tear during daily use. The sturdy steel hooks and reinforced steel wire framing lend solid structural integrity as well.
Number of Compartments – With 20 individual storage compartments, it can accommodate up to 20 pairs of adult shoes, depending on shoe size. Enough room for all styles – heels, sneakers, sandals, boots, etc.
Item Dimensions – Each compartment measures 12″ wide by 12″ deep. The overall dimensions when fully assembled are 12″ (W) x 12″ (D) x 50″ (H).
Load Capacity – Built to securely hold up to 10 pounds per compartment, for a total load capacity of 200 pounds when fully loaded.
Easy Installation – Comes with pre-attached steel hooks that easily slide over any standard closet rod or garment rack for quick hanging. No tools required!
Multi-Use – Though designed for shoe storage, the slots work great for handbags, scarves, belts, hats, toys, folded sweaters, uniforms, and so much more!
Care – The non-woven polypropylene fabric can be spot treated as needed with warm soapy water and air dried. No fading or shrinkage.
With its heavy duty steel framed design, generously sized storage slots, neutral color, and quick install hanging hooks, the Coastal Rose 20 section shoe organizer has everything you need to whip your closet into shape. Order today and say goodbye to messy piles of shoes for good!


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