ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Modern Style Storage Drawer for Clothes and Small Items – Pure White/Satin Nickel



Tidy up your closet and keep small items neatly organized with the ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony storage drawer. This wonderfully handy add-on accessory is designed to complement the clean, contemporary aesthetic of the SuiteSymphony closet system.

Sleek Modern Style Drawer

The smooth, flat panel front delivers a gorgeous streamlined look that will blend in beautifully with your existing SuiteSymphony closet setup. The crisp pure white finish and satin nickel handle and hardware add an upscale hotel-inspired vibe.

Full Extension Smooth Glide

The drawer features top quality full extension glides that allow you to access the entire interior without any awkward leaning or reaching. It glides open silky smooth on ball-bearing rollers so you can view contents easily. The full extension design also makes the most of the storage capacity.

Spacious 10-Inch Deep Storage

While compact in size at just 25 inches wide, the drawer’s substantial 10-inch depth provides ample space for stacking folded items. It’s ideal for neatly corralling undergarments, lingerie, socks, tank tops, shorts, tee shirts, and other clothing essentials. The vertical storage helps keep items wrinkle-free and organized.

High Quality Materials and Finish

Expertly constructed from premium engineered wood, this drawer is built to last. The attractive satin nickel handle finish and durable melamine coating on the drawer front and sides maintain their good looks even with frequent use. Installation hardware is included.

Seamless SuiteSymphony Integration

The SuiteSymphony drawer beautifully matches the aesthetic of the SuiteSymphony closet system. It can be added seamlessly to 25 inch wide closet towers, with the capacity to install up to 8 drawers per tower unit for expanded small item storage.

Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free!

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize those piles of undergarments, accessories, and other small clothing items, the SuiteSymphony drawer is a perfect solution. The smooth gliding drawer with modern flat front looks so stylish. The spacious 10 inch depth keeps contents neat and wrinkle-free.

Give your SuiteSymphony closet a mini makeover with this clever storage accessory. The right organizers can make all the difference in keeping your closet tidy and chaotically clutter-free! Dress with ease knowing exactly where every item is located. Let the SuiteSymphony drawer bring calm and order to your daily closet routine.

Product Highlights:

  • Sleek modern style drawer complements SuiteSymphony closet system
  • Full extension glides for easy access to entire drawer space
  • 10 inches deep to accommodate folded clothing and accessories
  • High quality wood construction with melamine coating
  • Install up to 8 drawers per 25 inch wide closet tower
  • Keeps small clothing items organized and wrinkle-free
  • Pure white finish and satin nickel hardware
  • Includes installation and assembly hardware

Make your life a little easier with this must-have closet organizer accessory.

Reasons to Add This Drawer to Your Closet:

Keep Undergarments Organized

No more bras and panties tossed in a basket. This drawer keeps them neatly folded and tucked away.

Wrinkle-Free Clothing Storage

The vertical stacking helps keeps shirts, blouses, and other delicate fabrics smooth and wrinkle-free.

Everyday Essentials at Your Fingertips

Socks, scarves, hats, belts – keep daily go-to accessories organized in this handy drawer.

Maximize Your Closet Storage

Utilize wasted vertical space between closet shelves with this compact but capacious drawer.

Complement Your Decor

The sleek modern aesthetic blends seamlessly into contemporary closet designs.

Easy Access to Contents

The full extension drawer glides open smoothly to view and access all stored items.

Built to Last

Constructed from top quality woods and durable melamine, this drawer is made to endure.

Experience the Joy of a Clutter-Free Closet!

Add storage and style to your closet with the SuiteSymphony drawer. Order today and enjoy the convenience of having undergarments, accessories, and clothing essentials neatly organized and at your fingertips. Your mornings will feel easier and clothes will stay tidy and fresh.

This clever and capacious closet addition is sure to help streamline your dressing routine. With the SuiteSymphony drawer, you can finally conquer closet chaos!


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