Clear Glass Mirror Wall Clips – Frameless Mirror Hardware Kit, Pack of 20 – Securely Hang Medium to Large Mirrors Up To 20 lbs



Hang your frameless glass mirror with confidence using our clear mirror clips kit designed specifically for 1/4 inch thick glass. This set of 20 discreet but sturdy glass mirror holders will allow you to beautifully display mirrors on walls or doors while keeping the sleek frameless style intact. No more hooking mirrors precariously over nails or using bulky frames to hold them in place.

Discreet Support That Keeps Frameless Style

Our clear mirror clips blend right in while securely gripping your frameless mirror to keep it flush against the wall. The low profile wall clip is made of durable plastic that is barely noticeable once installed correctly. No need to detract from the clean lines of a frameless mirror with big bulky frames or crowded hook and wire. The result is a mirror that appears to float seamlessly on the wall.

Holds Medium to Large Size Mirrors Up To 20 lbs

Though small in size, our clear mirror holders are surprisingly mighty. Each 1/4 inch thick glass clip can support up to 20 pounds of weight when properly anchored into studs or drywall. The #8 screws included provide a tight grip, allowing these clips to hold most medium to large frameless mirrors securely on the wall. No more worries about your beautiful mirror crashing down due to weak hardware.

Complete Mirror Hanging Kit – Clips, Screws, and Anchors

We provide everything you need for a complete installation in one convenient box. The set includes:

  • 20 clear glass mirror clips
  • 20 #8 x 1 1/2 inch pan head screws
  • 20 plastic drywall anchors

The clips, screws, and anchors work together to create a strong mount for your frameless mirror.

Easy 3 Step Installation

Installing the mirror clips is simple:

  1. Drill a 1/4 inch hole into the wall stud or drywall where you want to place the clip.
  2. Insert the included anchor (for drywall) or proceed to next step for studs.
  3. Use the provided screw to attach a clear clip over the hole.

Once your clips are secured, simply hang the frameless mirror right over them. The clips grip the edges flush to the wall for a smooth look.

Tips for Hanging Frameless Mirrors

  • Locate and use wall studs whenever possible for maximum strength.
  • Space clips evenly across the top and bottom of the mirror to disperse weight.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for exact clip placement and weight limits.
  • Use a level to ensure mirror is hung flat against the wall.
  • Consider adding spacers between mirror and wall if wires or lights are mounted behind.

With the right hardware and a bit of measuring, you can create beautiful frameless mirror installations on your walls.

Reasons to Go Frameless

Frameless mirrors are a gorgeous contemporary design option for bathrooms, living spaces, and more. Here are some benefits of going frameless:

  • Sleek and modern aesthetic – Frameless mirrors have clean lines and seamless style to match contemporary, mid-century, or minimalist décor.
  • Illusion of more space – Without bulky borders, frameless mirrors visually expand smaller spaces.
  • More reflective surface – Lack of frame means more visible mirror to reflect light and create depth.
  • Versatile mounting – Go horizontal or vertical, group multiples, or hang alone.
  • Easy cleaning – No nooks and crannies for grime to hide.

Frameless is the way to go for an open, elegant look and maximum reflective surface.

Our clear mirror clips allow you to securely mount frameless glass mirrors while retaining the streamlined aesthetics. Order a set today and create the modern mirror wall décor you’ve been envisioning!


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