Cleaniago Full Size Bed Frame – Sturdy Steel & Wood Slat Support for Your Mattress



Tired of waking up with an aching back or feeling your mattress sagging in the middle of the night? Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to restful sleep with the Cleaniago Full Size Bed Frame. This heavy-duty bed frame provides unparalleled support for your mattress so you can enjoy night after night of undisturbed sleep.

Sturdy Steel Frame Can Hold up to 3000 lbs

At the core of this full size bed frame is a durable steel frame that can withstand up to 3000 lbs of static weight. No matter your mattress type or size, you can rest assured this metal frame has the strength to provide a solid, stable foundation for years to come. The reinforced steel design prevents sagging or bending even under the heaviest sleepers or largest mattresses.

Noise-Free Wooden Slats Prevent Squeaking

Adding to the supportive structure are wooden slats that run from side to side across the length of the bed frame. Constructed from solid wood, these slats provide rigid strength to disperse weight evenly. The result is zero noise or squeaking like you get with lower quality bed frames. Just a calm, quiet sleep environment.

Compatible with Headboards for a Customizable Look

Make this full size platform bed your own by adding a headboard for a polished, tailored appearance. Built-in headboard attachment points on all four legs allow seamless connection to a headboard up to your choosing. Simply match the hole size to your headboard bracket screws (not included) to create a customized full bed frame complete with headboard.

14 Inches of Underbed Storage Space

One of the biggest advantages of this metal platform bed frame is the generous 14 inches of underbed clearance. This spacious storage cavity allows you to neatly tuck away extra quilts, clothing, toys, luggage and more. Say goodbye to clutter and keep your bedroom floor nice and tidy. The high clearance also makes it a breeze to vacuum under the bed to keep dust bunnies at bay.

Compatible with All Mattress Types

From plush pillow tops to firm memory foam mattresses, the Cleaniago Bed Frame provides robust support for all mattress types. The sturdy slatted structure eliminates the need for a box spring or bunkie board. Simply place your foam, latex, hybrid or innerspring mattress directly onto the frame and enjoy restful sleep. Fits standard full size mattresses measuring 75 x 54 inches.

Tool-Free Assembly in Minutes

Putting together this full metal platform bed couldn’t be easier. All required tools and detailed instructions are included for frustration-free setup in less than 30 minutes. Follow the step-by-step directions to securely fasten the steel legs, connect the side rails, lay the wooden slats in place and you have a sturdy, supportive new bed frame ready for your mattress. No need to haul out the toolbox or break a sweat during assembly.

Non-Slip Feet Keep Your Bed Secure

Built-in non-slip feet on the legs prevent the bed frame from sliding or shifting on hard floors or carpets. No matter how much tossing and turning happens, you won’t have to worry about your bed migrating away from the wall or headboard. The grippy feet maintain the frame’s position night after night for optimal stability.

An Attractive and Functional Centerpiece

With its clean lines and understated black finish, this full size metal platform bed blends seamlessly into any bedroom décor. The open architecture design gives bedrooms an airy, spacious feel. Far more than just a mattress support, this bed frame serves as a chic contemporary centerpiece.

Give your mattress the reliable support system it needs and start waking up refreshed, restored and ready to take on the day. The Cleaniago Bed Frame brings comfort, quality and minimalist style to your bedroom. Order today and experience the difference superior stability and sleep-promoting alignment can make!


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