Cavoli 8 Inch Double-Sided Extendable 360° Swivel Vanity Mirror with 10x Magnification – The Must-Have Makeup Mirror for Flawless Beauty Routines



Tired of struggling to get your makeup just right without being able to see every little detail? Want to tweeze your eyebrows perfectly or apply contact lenses easily? Then it’s time to upgrade to the Cavoli 8 Inch Double-Sided Extendable Vanity Mirror with 10x Magnification.

This innovative wall-mounted mirror has a regular side for an overview, plus an extra-large 10x magnified side so you can see super up-close. The 360° swivel arm extends over 12 inches from the wall so you can position the mirror at the perfect angle and distance for any beauty task.

See Every Pore, Hair & Lash in Crystal Clear Detail

The Cavoli magnifying mirror gives you a glare-free, shadow-free view in crisp high definition. The optical-quality glass and chrome finish provide stunning clarity.

The 10x magnification side acts like a portable microscope so you can precisely apply eyeliner and mascara, fill in brows, tweeze hairs, examine skin pores, and much more. No detail is too small for this mirror to show you!

Multi-Purpose for Flawless Beauty Routines

This dual-sided mirror transitions beautifully from one use to the next:

  • See your entire face on the 1x regular side for an overview while doing makeup
  • Lean in close to the 10x side and perfect every stroke, hair, lash, brow, and pore
  • Extend the long arm to view your whole body and outfit
  • Get an up-close rear view to check the back of your hair
  • Swivel and tilt to find the optimal angle for shaving, tweezing, applying makeup and contact lenses

The possibilities are endless with this flexible magnifying mirror. It’s truly a must-have for flawless beauty routines from head to toe.

360° Adjustability for Convenient Positioning

A removable crystal-clear lens protector covers the 10x magnification side for safe storage when not in use.

The adjustable 16″ chrome arm extends a full 12″ from the wall and provides 360 degrees of swivel. Tilt the mirror vertically or horizontally to reduce glare and position it at the perfect height and angle for you.

You can pre-adjust the arm before starting your routine, then effortlessly swing the mirror out of the way against the wall when finished. It’s always ready positioned for your next use.

Quick & Easy Installation

Mounting this magnifying mirror is simple with the included hardware kit and easy step-by-step instructions.

All you need is a screwdriver. Two screws attach a chrome bracket to the wall, then the mirror clicks securely into place. No outlet needed – installation is complete in minutes.

Premium Quality You Can Rely On

The Cavoli double-sided swivel mirror is crafted with quality materials to give you a lifetime of flawless beauty routines:

  • Optical-grade glass for distortion-free magnification
  • Durable chrome arm with smooth extendable action
  • Waterproof silicone seal protects mirror edges
  • Shatter-resistant construction
  • Rust-proof & corrosion resistant

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 5-year warranty. Enjoy this game-changing makeup mirror risk-free!

One Mirror, Flawless Beauty

Upgrade your beauty routine with the Cavoli Magnifying Mirror today. See every gorgeous detail like never before and look your absolute best every day.


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