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Give your family the gift of reliably clean drinking water right from the tap with the Carbon & Claryum® Filter Replacements. As the certified replacement filters for the A.O Smith Clean Water Filter with RO Boost, these filters are designed to seamlessly continue providing the superb contaminant removal you’ve come to expect. Don’t settle for knock-off brands – rely on the Carbon & Claryum filters to keep your water optimally clean and healthy.

Advanced 5-Stage Filtration

The Carbon & Claryum filters utilize a 5-stage filtration process to reduce up to 99% of 88 different contaminants from your water. This includes dangerous pollutants like:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chlorine
  • And more

Stage 1 features a heavy-duty sediment filter that traps particles like dirt, silt, and rust. Stage 2 utilizes an extruded carbon block filter to reduce chlorine taste and odor, as well as other common water contaminants.

The proprietary Claryum® filter in stage 3 is what really sets these filters apart. Claryum’s powerful filtration media combines activated carbon with a phosphate-free scale inhibitor to prevent scale buildup. It also reduces a wide range of contaminants you can see, smell, and taste, as well as those you can’t.

Stages 4 and 5 polish the water even further with a 0.5 micron carbon block filter and a final 0.2 micron carbon block filter. This ensures the purest, cleanest drinking water possible.

Easy, No-Tools Replacement

Don’t pay a plumber to replace your filters! The Carbon & Claryum filters are designed for quick, easy, no-tools replacement. Simply open your A.O. Smith filter housing and swap out the old filters with the new ones. Detailed installation instructions are included. Most customers report being able to replace their filters in just 10-15 minutes.

And you’ll know exactly when it’s time thanks to the built-in electronic filter life indicator. There’s no guessing or tracking involved. The system automatically counts down your remaining filter life so you know when a new set is needed.

Lasts 6 Months or 365 Gallons

Each set of Carbon & Claryum filters is certified to last for 6 months or 365 gallons – whichever comes first. This ensures you consistently get the superb water filtration and mineral retention you expect over the entire filter lifetime.

Don’t waste money on cheap filters that need replacing every few weeks or months. The Carbon & Claryum filters are made with quality materials and rigorous contaminant testing to provide lasting performance.

NSF Certified Filtration

These replacement filters are NSF certified to meet strict standards for the reduction of over 88 contaminants (NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, 401). The components and construction also comply with NSF Protocol P473 for filter component reduction claims.

You can trust that the Carbon & Claryum filters meet the highest industry standards for water filtration and contaminant reduction.

Fits A.O. Smith Models:

The Carbon & Claryum filters are certified replacement filters for:

  • Clean Water Filter with RO Boost (AO-US-RO-4000)

They will not fit other models. Be sure to check your owners manual or contact A.O. Smith before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Reliable Clean Water for Your Family

Give your family the wonderful convenience of fresh, contaminant-free water straight from the tap. The Carbon & Claryum filters make it easy by seamlessly replacing your existing water filters and maintaining the exceptional purification standards you expect. Don’t settle for water that tastes or smells bad ever again. Order the Carbon & Claryum filters today!


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