Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee Pods – Smooth, Bold Roast in Eco-Friendly Single Serve Packets



Discover the rich, enticing flavor of the islands in Cameron’s Jamaican Blend coffee pods. This medium-dark roast blend combines quality beans from Jamaica with Central and South American varieties for a cup that’s bold yet smooth, never bitter.

Each pod is filled with 100% premium Arabica coffee, hand crafted in small batches to bring out the most flavor in every sip. Lush, complex notes of chocolate and spice mingle with the berries and citrus of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It’s a satisfying cup with a delicate kick, perfect for waking up your mornings.

Taste the Flavor of Jamaica in a Convenient Single Serve Pod
This 12-count box contains 6 sealed stay-fresh packs of 2 pods each. Pop one in your single serve brewer and enjoy the ease of a freshly ground cup of Jamaican coffee any time.

The reusable pods are designed for optimal extraction and flavor while being gentler on the environment. Instead of plastic k-cups, our innovative EcoPods use plant-based rings and filters so you get great taste without excess waste.

Crafted with Care for Coffee Lovers
At Cameron’s, we’re passionate about sourcing and roasting high quality coffee that satisfies true aficionados. Our small-batch roasting process carefully brings out every nuance in the beans. We use an artisanal approach to highlight the best attributes of each coffee’s origin and varietal.

The result is a cup that’s complex, balanced, and craveably smooth every time. Our Jamaican blend exemplifies these ideals. Sweet, vibrant, never bitter, it makes mornings brighter.

100% Premium Arabica coffee hand crafted in small batches
Medium-dark roast with rich, enticing Jamaican coffee flavor
complex notes of chocolate, spice, citrus and berries
Satisfying blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain with Central & South American beans
12 single serve coffee pods, 2 per packet x 6 packets
Eco-friendly plant-based pods reduce plastic waste compared to K-cups
Convenient single serve format for Keurig and compatible brewers
Roast date stamped for optimal freshness
Made with care in the USA
Give your mornings a taste of the islands with the bold, vibrant flavor of Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee Pods. Their lush, complex taste and eco-friendly design make these single serve packets a delight for the senses as well as the earth.

Sip Island Flavor in Every Smooth Cup

As the enticing aroma of these coffee pods fills your kitchen, you’ll be transported to the sunny warmth of Jamaica. Each sip sings with the spice and fruitiness of premium beans grown under blue skies.

This medium-dark roast balances the richness of chocolate and nuts with bright, citrusy notes. You’ll detect hints of brown sugar and tropical fruit, layered over a subtle smoky foundation. It’s a remarkably smooth blend, never harsh or bitter.

Every bean used in these pods is hand-selected for quality and flavor. By sourcing from multiple regions, we craft a blend that combines the best attributes of each. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee brings its signature mellow sweetness and complexity. The addition of Central and South American varieties adds body and vibrancy.

Small batch roasting allows precise control over every nuance in the beans’ development. We patiently coax out the sugars and aromatics through careful heating regimes. The result is a cup with incredible balance, richness and taste.

Enjoy the Luxury of Jamaican Flavor in a Convenient Pod
With Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee Pods, you can start each morning like you’re on vacation in the Caribbean. No need to grind beans or brew a whole pot – just pop a pod in your single serve machine for a quick luxurious cup.

Have your first sip on the patio listening to the birds, or enjoy the melt-away moments as you savor that first cup at your kitchen table. However you spend your morning, these coffee pods make it feel special.

Their convenient single serve format works with most Keurig and compatible brewers. Each 12-count stay-fresh packet contains 2 pods, allowing you to keep extras handy or share a taste with friends.

Between the gourmet Jamaican coffee and ease of preparation, you really can have it all. Drink in the morning sunlight along with the smooth, vibrant flavors of the islands.

Brew a Better Cup – For You and the Earth

In addition to wonderful taste, Cameron’s Jamaican Blend coffee pods offer an eco-friendly advantage. Our innovative EcoPod design reduces plastic waste compared to traditional k-cups.

Each pod uses plant-based rings and filters instead of plastic. And since they’re reusable, you can fill them with your favorite grounds when our pods are gone. This low-waste format delivers great coffee flavor without excess materials clogging up landfills.

Our choice of premium Arabica coffee also supports sustainability. We partner with growers who cultivate beans responsibly and care for their local environments. By paying fair prices, we help support the livelihoods of coffee farming communities.

And our small-batch approach reduces waste. We carefully roast beans to order, minimizing overproduction. Less waste means more resources go into growing the highest quality coffee we can procure.

Taste the difference thoughtfully sourced beans can make, in a pod designed for fresh flavor and ecological benefits. Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee Pods help you fill your cup with the rich aroma of the islands, while caring for the earth with every sip.


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