California Coast Pinot Noir Wine Kit – Craft Your Own Velvety Smooth Red Wine At Home



Transport your taste buds to the dramatic coastlines of California with this premium DIY Pinot Noir wine kit. Drawing grapes from premiere growing regions, this kit contains everything you need to craft 30 bottles of rich, complex Pinot Noir in your own home.

Velvety Smooth Pinot Noir Made Easy

Pinot Noir is renowned for its supple texture and notes of cherry, earth, and spice. This kit allows you to recreate the velvety smooth mouthfeel and aromas of coastal California Pinot Noir without the dramatic price tag. We’ve sourced grapes from Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma County so you can blend the flavors of these iconic AVAs into one sophisticated wine.

High Quality Ingredients From Top Vineyards

Only the finest grapes and ingredients go into our DIY wine kits. The wine base draws from prime vineyards to capture the essence of California Pinot Noir. We include top-notch brewer’s yeast to guide the fermentation and bentonite and kieselsol for clarification. Other additions like sulphite, sorbate, and chitosan help stabilize your wine for proper aging and storage.

DIY Customization Options

While our kit provides the high quality backbone, the customization is up to you. After the basic wine kit ingredients work their magic, add your own touches with oak flavors or fruit essences. Oak cubes or spirals will lend hints of vanilla and spice, while berry flavor packs provide another layer of fruit complexity. Get creative with the finishing touches!

Extensive Award-Winning Legacy

With over 30 gold medals to its name, our wine kit brand has established itself as a leader in home winemaking products. Our commitment to sourcing premium grapes and juices has allowed home winemakers to craft show-stopping wines for decades. Join the thousands who have accepted awards with wines made from our kits!

Share a Bottle with Loved Ones

More than a kit, our Pinot Noir wine making package provides an experience. While you’ll enjoy the process of crafting your own world-class wine, the real rewards come from sharing it with others. Once complete, gift a bottle to a fellow wine enthusiast. Open one at a dinner party and see how the fruits of your labor impress guests. Uncork some during a movie night in with your significant other. However you choose to partake, this wine kit delivers on all fronts.

California Coast Pinot Noir Kit Contains:

  • Pinot Noir grape concentrate from Monterey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma AVAs
  • Top quality yeast for fermentation
  • Bentonite and kieselsol clarifying agents
  • Sulphite, sorbate and chitosan stabilizing agents
  • Makes 30 x 750mL bottles of California style Pinot Noir

Quick Overview:

  • Style: Velvety, fruit-forward California Pinot Noir
  • Quantity: 30 x 750mL bottles
  • ABV: 11-13%
  • Ingredients: Grape concentrate, yeast, clarifiers, stabilizers
  • Customizable: Oak and fruit essence flavor packs sold separately
  • Awards: Over 30 gold medals won

Bring a taste of the California coast home with this DIY Pinot Noir wine kit! Craft a smooth and aromatic red wine that rivals the Pinots produced in Santa Barbara, Sonoma and Monterey. We handle the sourcing of premium ingredients – you handle the fun part of fermenting, aging, and customizing your own artisan wine. Gift a bottle, enjoy with a fine meal, or impress guests at your next dinner party with your homemade California Pinot Noir.


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