BuLife 32 x 24 inch Oval LED Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog and Color Changing Light



Illuminate your bathroom in style with the BuLife 32 x 24 inch oval LED bathroom mirror. This smart mirror provides adjustable lighting and an anti-fog feature to keep your view clear while getting ready.

Adjust the Brightness and Color Temperature

Finding the perfect lighting can be difficult in a bathroom. This LED mirror makes it easy with adjustable brightness levels and color temperatures. Just touch the power switch for 3 seconds to cycle through 3 brightness levels from normal to an ultra-bright 6000K.

The color temperature is also adjustable between 3000K warm light, 4500K natural light, and 6000K cool light. Easily change the mood with a touch of the button. The smart memory function will recall your last settings when powered off and back on.

Clear Fog with the Anti-Fog Button

Steamy bathrooms can cause annoying fog and condensation on the mirror. This BuLife mirror has an anti-fog button that will automatically activate a defogger to keep your view clear. No more waiting for the mirror to slowly defog on its own.

The anti-fogging function turns off automatically after 1 hour. Conveniently located next to the power switch, just press it whenever you need to clear things up.

Safe Shatter-Resistant Mirror

The 4mm thick copper-free silver mirror glass is shatter-resistant to prevent debris from flying if impacted. You’ll have peace of mind knowing this safety mirror won’t easily break into sharp fragments.

The LED lamp is built to last with an ultra-long 50,000 hour lifespan. That’s up to 27 years of daily use without replacing the bulb. Energy efficient and eco-friendly.

IP44 Waterproof Rating

With an IP44 waterproof rating, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage. The bathroom mirror is designed for humid environments and safe operation. UL certification guarantees electrical safety.

Quick and Easy Installation

Mounting the oval mirror takes just 15 minutes for a quick DIY project. All necessary hardware is included like two 160cm hardwire plugs, screws, support plates, and easy instructions.

Choose between plug-in and hardwired installation. Plug-in uses the buttons on the mirror to control the lights. Hardwired uses a separate wall switch.

Quality Packaging for Safe Delivery

BuLife ensures your mirror arrives in perfect condition with custom packaging. It has passed extensive drop, impact, and stress tests during shipping.

Get the Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom

Don’t struggle with poor bathroom lighting or fogged up mirrors. The BuLife 32 x 24 inch oval LED mirror provides adjustable bright lighting and an anti-fog feature in a stylish and safe shatter-resistant design. Order today to illuminate your bathroom with smart convenience.


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