Breyer Snowbird Morgan Stallion 2022 Holiday Horse Collectible Figurine



Welcome the magic of the season with Snowbird, the majestic Morgan stallion in Breyer’s 2022 Holiday Horse collection! This eye-catching grey stallion exemplifies the spirit of the holidays with his ornate blue and gold attire. His smooth strides are accented by brilliant gems and elegant roping that makes him a sight to behold. Snowbird will be the crowning jewel of your holiday decor and a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Snowbird’s stunningly lifelike appearance captures the breed standard of the Morgan horse, from his refined head to neatly tailored mane and tail. His muscular body ripples beneath his shimmering dapple gray coat as he moves with grace and poise. This breed is known for its versatility, intelligence, and gentle temperament – characteristics beautifully portrayed in this sculpture.

No detail has been overlooked in crafting this museum-quality model. His brilliant blue ear bonnet is lavishly decorated with dangling feathers and glittering rhinestones. An intricately embroidered gold and blue breastcollar adorns his chest, complementing the glistening blue gems. His breeching and hip drape are additionally accented with elaborate gold embroidery for a harmonious look. Sprays of pine, holly, and red winter berries tucked into his mane and tail add natural holiday flair.

The Breyer name has been synonymous with model horses for over 70 years. Each model begins as an original portrait sculpture capturing every nuance of the live horse. Artisans in the Breyer studio then meticulously handcraft each horse, hand painting them with realistic shading and markings. Multiple artists work on every model, devoting their talents to create the exceptional quality that collectors expect.

Snowbird is the 26th edition in their sought-after annual Holiday Horse series. Only one Holiday Horse design is released each year, making each one highly collectible. Previous releases have quickly sold out and appreciate in value, making these sculptures an investment as well as a festive decoration.

At 1/9 scale, Snowbird measures 13 inches long by 9 inches high, perfect for displaying on shelves, mantles, or tabletops. His polished hooves won’t mar or scratch surfaces. The packaging includes a collector’s card providing details on the inspiration for each year’s Holiday Horse design.

The beauty and artistry of this Holiday Horse will make him a Christmas tradition for years to come. Place Snowbird among evergreen branches, holiday greenery, or twinkling lights to enhance your seasonal decor. His elegant style will complement both traditional and contemporary spaces. Snowbird is sure to be the shining star of your holiday decorations while warming your home with the spirit of the season.

Key Features

  • 2022 Holiday Horse release, 26th in this annual collectible series
  • Realistic Morgan stallion sculpture with dapple gray coat
  • Ornate holiday costume features blue ear bonnet with feathers and rhinestones
  • Elaborate gold and blue embroidered breastcollar and breeching accented with blue gems
  • Evergreen sprigs and red berries tucked in mane and tail
  • Handcrafted and hand painted by Breyer artists and artisans
  • 1/9 scale, measures 13″ L x 9″ H
  • Durable polystone construction with gloss finish
  • Non-marking rubber hooves
  • Gift box with collector’s card included

Breyer Quality and Craftsmanship

Since 1950, the name Breyer has been recognized by collectors as the most authentic and luxuriously detailed model horses available. Breyer applies its meticulous dedication to realism and quality to their annual Holiday Horses. Each model begins as an original sculpture that captures the essence of the live horse. The sculpture is then carefully translated into a mold where each model horse is cast and assembled by hand.

Breyer’s team of talented artisans paints each horse with airbrushed coats and shading for lifelike realism. Decals and decorations are hand-applied. Multiple artists work on every model, devoting their specialized talents to create the premium level of quality and artistry Breyer collectors expect. This holiday horse represents Breyer doing what they do best, creating a horse so real you feel you could reach out and stroke his velvety coat.

The passion for perfection has earned Breyer a loyal following of collectors around the world. Their holiday horses have also attracted new fans to start collecting these exceptional equine sculptures. Snowbird will take an honored place in your Breyer stable this Christmas and for many more to come.

Continue the Holiday Horse Tradition

The annual Holiday Horse collection began in 1996 and has delighted collectors every Christmas since. The series was the brainchild of Breyer Vice President Nancy Young to celebrate the deep connections between people and horses. Each year’s horse captures the magic and joy of the holidays in its own unique way.

Past editions have featured appaloosa, Arabian, draft horse, and pony breeds decked out in festive finery. Snowbird is the fifth Morgan horse selected for this special Christmas series. Previous Morgan holiday horses were Holiday Magic in 2002, Dance Card in 2008, Reindeer Games in 2013, and Saint Nick in 2017.

The variety of imaginative costumes over the years includes everything from old-fashioned sleigh rides to masked ball masquerade attire. No matter what their outfit, each holiday horse brings yuletide charm to Breyer collections. These horses evoke the nostalgia of Christmas past and the anticipation of creating new traditions.

Once they are retired, Holiday Horses become highly desired by collectors and quickly increase in value. The limited availability and spectacular artistry make them an exceptional investment. Even more rewarding is the enjoyment of unwrapping your new Holiday Horse each Christmas morning and finding that perfect spot to display him with pride.

Snowbird, the Embodiment of Christmas Magic

Of all Morgan horses, Snowbird’s dignified yet gentle nature exemplifies the spirit of Christmas. His shimmering winter coat and festive attire mirror the sparkle and joy of the season. Displaying him in your home invites peace and harmony during this special time of year.

Imagine Christmas morning with the scent of cinnamon and fir in the air, stockings hung by the chimney, candles glowing softly, and carols playing as Snowbird prances under the tree. His refined beauty enhances the nostalgic traditions we cherish. Snowbird stirs fond memories while creating new ones for generations to come.

When friends and loved ones gather this Christmas, Snowbird will be a charming conversation piece. His equine charm and the sentiments he evokes make him a thoughtful gift for any horse lover. Share the enchantment of the holidays through Snowbird’s graceful splendor and storybook allure.

Let the magic of Christmas fill your heart and home this year with Snowbird, the 2022 Breyer Holiday Horse. His stately presence and decorative charm make him acollector’s dream and part of Christmas future memories.


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