Brew Up Perfection with the Chefman Fast-Boiling Electric Glass Kettle



Revolutionize your morning routine with the Chefman Electric Glass Kettle. This modern kitchen essential combines speed, style, and safety for an effortless tea or coffee experience.

The sleek glass design with LED indicator lights adds a subtle glow to any countertop while the intuitive swivel base makes pouring a cinch for both lefties and righties. But behind the contemporary exterior lies rapid boiling power – this kettle brings water to a rolling boil faster than microwave or stovetop methods, so your morning coffee or tea is ready in just minutes.

The cordless design offers the freedom to fill and pour from any angle. Once finished, the kettle seamlessly resets onto the illuminated base. An internal temperature sensor knows precisely when the water has reached the optimal 195°F for tea or 201°F for pour over coffee and automatically shuts off for safety and energy efficiency.

This kettle isn’t just for hot water – take your favorite loose leaf tea up a notch by brewing it directly in the included tea infuser. The stainless steel mesh basket allows tea leaves to circulate freely for a perfectly robust cup every time. And for iced tea, the Chefman kettle rapidly heats the water without the bitterness of boiling.

With thoughtful conveniences like the stay-cool handle, built-in filter to keep water clean and impurity-free, and boil-dry safety shutoff, this Chefman kettle provides reliable performance you can trust. It’s also effortless to maintain – simply wipe with a damp cloth after use.

Bring elegant functionality to your countertop with the Chefman Fast-Boiling Electric Glass Kettle. With rapid heating, versatile tea and coffee brewing, and contemporary style, this kettle is sure to be your new kitchen go-to.


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