BOLSIUS Ivory Taper Candles 100 Count Bulk Pack – Elegant and Timeless Candles for Every Occasion



Give your home a soft, warm glow and elevate any occasion with the BOLSIUS 100 Count Ivory Taper Candles Bulk Pack. These high-quality candles provide a timeless elegance that works for casual gatherings and formal events alike.

With 100 tall, white tapers in each pack, you’ll have plenty of candles on hand for holidays, parties, romantic dinners, and more. Light several at once in candelabras or space them out in different candleholders; their slim, elegant shape allows for versatile decorating. The 10-inch length provides a striking vertical accent.

BOLSIUS taper candles are made from premium paraffin wax that’s been carefully dipped multiple times for a smooth, dripless burn. The 100% cotton wicks are specially braided to provide a bright flame without smoking. Each candle burns for 7.5 hours or more, ensuring you get reliable performance event after event.

These candles are completely unscented, making them ideal for those with scent sensitivities. They give off a clean, neutral aroma that won’t compete with food, floral arrangements, or your favorite scented products.

BOLSIUS taper candles are perfect for:

Home Decor

Set a warm, welcoming mood in your living room, dining room or bedroom. Group candles together on mantels, tables, cabinets and more.
Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with glowing candlelight. Candles by the tub or vanity create ambiance.
Brighten up shadowy hallways and accent staircases and landings. Place taper candles in strategic spots to illuminate and beautify.
Parties & Special Events

Line walkways and steps with tapers to greet guests in style. Outdoor or indoor, these candles make a gorgeous impression.
Dress up buffet and dining tables by alternating candles and floral arrangements down the center. Clustered candles make stunning focal points.
Encircle your cake with taper candles for an eye-catching birthday or anniversary display. Coordinate colors for a pulled-together look.

Set the mood with romantic candlelight during your reception and ceremony. Group tapers in candelabras or staggered heights for visual interest.
Define seating areas and accent reception tables with the warm glow of taper candles. Scatter tealights around for added brightness.
Candlelit aisles lined with flowers make a breathtaking scene as the bride walks down. Position taper candles in hurricane globes or clusters.
Religious Ceremonies

Churches, synagogues, temples and other spiritual venues rely on the symbolic light of candles. BOLSIUS tapers are perfect offerings during services.
Mark religious holidays and observances with candle lighting. Taper candles in holders are traditional for menorahs, kinaras, advent wreaths and more.
Set an intimate mood for quiet meditation, prayer and sacred rituals. Candlelight creates a peaceful, contemplative space.
Easy Care & Long Lasting

BOLSIUS taper candles are virtually mess-free when burned, so you don’t have to worry about drips and spills on table linens, furniture, carpets or floors. The cotton wicks are self-trimming for convenience.

The sturdy packaging protects candles from damage and deformation during storage and transport. Keep unused candles in the box until your next event.

Shop with confidence knowing BOLSIUS candles are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be thrilled with the performance, elegance and value of our products.

Elevate your ambiance and enrich gatherings of all kinds with the BOLSIUS 100 Count Bulk Pack of Ivory Taper Candles. Order a box today and enjoy beautiful, reliable candlelight for years to come!


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