Bolsius Dripless Smokeless Ivory Taper Candles, 60 Count 10 Inch Tall Unscented Paraffin Wax Candlesticks, 8 Hour Burn Time for Home Décor, Weddings, Restaurants, Churches, and Events



Create an elegant atmosphere in your home or venue with the Bolsius 60 Count Dripless Ivory Taper Candles. These high-quality candles provide warm, comforting light to any space while adding a refined and classic decorative touch.

Crafted from 100% paraffin wax, these stylish candles burn cleanly and smoothly for up to 8 hours per candle. The 10 inch tall taper design looks beautiful in candlesticks and candelabras, making an impact in both intimate and spacious settings. Their slim 3⁄4 inch diameter allows multiple candles to be placed closely together for brilliant illumination.

Decorate with Confidence

The Bolsius candles are completely unscented, ensuring the light fragrance of the natural wax is all you smell. This makes them ideal for households and venues with sensitivity to scents. Their cotton wicks are lead-free and built not to smoke, keeping the air fresh. These candles drip less than traditional tapers, protecting your surfaces from messy wax.

Bolsius puts care into every step of production, from the quality wax to the multiple dipping processes needed to achieve the perfect smooth finish. The result is a high-end candle you can rely on.

Limitless Uses

Keep a stock of these versatile ivory candles on hand for everyday use and special events alike. Their neutral color fits effortlessly into any décor scheme, from farmhouse rustic to elegant formal. The classic taper shape enhances traditional candleholders, candelabras, and hurricane vases.

Use them to create charming centerpieces for your dining room table or as altar candles for your church or synagogue. Make a statement by lining a staircase or windowsill with multiple Bolsius tapers. For special events, adorn buffet and banquet tables with these elegant candles to welcome guests into a warm atmosphere. They’re ideal for weddings, anniversary dinners, holiday meals, and more.

For intimate gatherings, a pair of tapers makes a romantic candlelight dinner for two. Their slim shape saves room on the table. During power outages, they provide much-needed light. Use them as calming night lights in bedrooms or nurseries as well.

Superior Quality

Bolsius is passionate about candles and dedicated to creating the best products through premium materials and expert artistry. These dripless candles are manufactured in Europe under the highest standards.

The wax is carefully warmed and handled to retain its purity throughout the dipping and pouring process. Each taper is dipped 30 times on average by hand into the wax vats to achieve flawless results. This produces an even, smooth surface with a refined finish.

Bolsius guarantees your satisfaction with these top-grade tapers. If you aren’t pleased, reach out for excellent customer service.

Decorate Affordably

While Bolsius aims for the finest quality, these candles are designed to be budget-friendly. The 60 pack allows you to decorate thoroughly without overspending. Bolsius candles are an affordable alternative to pricey designer brands.

Make the most of their versatility by using them daily instead of only on special occasions. Keep plenty on hand for replacing burned down tapers.

Key Features:

60 count 10 inch tall taper candles
Unscented 100% paraffin wax
Lead-free cotton wicks
Dripless and smokeless
8 hour burn time
Neutral ivory color
Smooth dripless finish
Crafted in Europe
Budget-friendly 60 pack

Light Up Your Home or Venue

Elevate your space with Bolsius Unscented Ivory Tapers. Their clean-burning light sets a welcoming mood for family meals, parties, religious services, and memorable events. Decorate affordably with these high-quality European candles crafted to perfection.


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