Bodum Bistro Programmable Coffee Maker, 51oz Capacity



Wake up to a fresh pot of piping hot coffee with the Bodum Bistro Programmable Coffee Maker. This sleek and stylish coffee machine allows you to brew up to 51 ounces of delicious coffee that will jumpstart your day.

The programmable feature is incredibly convenient, letting you set the 24-hour start timer so you can wake up to already prepared coffee. No more waiting for your first cup! Just set the timer before bed and this coffee maker will automatically start brewing at the desired time. The backlit LCD screen clearly displays the timers and settings.

Brewing coffee is easy with the Bodum Bistro. Simply fill the water tank and add your favorite ground coffee or pre-ground pods to the removable filter. The shower head evenly distributes water over the coffee for robust flavor extraction. The glass carafe keeps your coffee hot and fresh for longer.

Key Features:

  • Programmable 24-hour start timer for waking up to freshly brewed coffee
  • 51 oz capacity glass carafe
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior with glossy finish
  • LCD screen displays timers and settings
  • Removable stainless steel filter with micro-holes for optimal extraction
  • Removable shower head evenly wets grounds for robust flavor
  • Improved water tank access makes filling easy
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Brew Your Best Cup

The Bodum Bistro Coffee Maker delivers flavorful coffee that will delight your senses. The large 51 oz carafe has room for 8 cups of coffee, perfect for entertaining or busy mornings.

The removable stainless steel filter allows you to use your favorite variety of ground coffee, from fine espresso grounds to coarse grinds. The mesh filter design and micro-holes optimally extract flavor oils and solubles from the coffee for a robust, full-bodied taste.

The shower head evenly distributes water over the grounds, fully saturating and extracting maximum flavor. This gives you a balanced pot of coffee with rich aroma and full body. The carafe is designed to keep your brew hot for longer so you can leisurely enjoy cup after cup.

Sleek Modern Design

This coffee maker features a sophisticated matte stainless steel exterior that will elevate any countertop. The contemporary design looks sleek in modern or traditional kitchen decors.

The easy-access water tank allows you to conveniently fill it under the tap or with a pitcher without having to move the whole machine. A helpful water level window lets you see how much water is inside.

All removable parts like the filter, shower head, and carafe are top-rack dishwasher safe for quick cleanup. With seamless one-touch programming and automatic brewing, enjoying great tasting coffee is now simpler than ever.

Customize Your Brew

Part of what makes the Bodum Bistro Coffee Maker so appealing is the ability to customize your coffee to your liking. The programmable timer can be set up to 24 hours in advance so you decide exactly when the brewing begins.

You also control the coffee strength and flavor. Add more ground coffee for a stronger brew or less for milder flavor. Grind size also impacts taste – go fine for intense espresso-style coffee or coarse for mellower classic coffee shop flavor.

The 51 oz carafe has markings so you can brew any amount, from a single cup to the full pot. No need to make more than you need.

In summary,

the Bodum Bistro Programmable Coffee Maker makes it simple to brew cafe-quality coffee at home. With its programmable timer, 51oz capacity, stainless steel modern design, and custom brew options, you’ll enjoy delicious gourmet coffee on your schedule. Wake up to endless cups of rich flavorful coffee with this must-have kitchen appliance.

Brew bold, customizable coffee on your schedule with the Bodum Bistro Programmable Coffee Maker!


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