Bluelilly Co. 3 Way Mirror for Makeup & Hair Styling – 360° View LED Lighted Mirror for Flawless Styling, Braiding, and Makeup Application



Achieve picture-perfect hair and makeup with the Bluelilly Co. 3 Way Mirror. This innovative 360° view mirror allows you to see the back of your head with ease, eliminating the guessing game and frustration that comes with styling without being able to see the back. With three panels and built-in LED lights, this mirror provides the perfect setup for flawless braiding, cutting, styling, makeup application, and more!

See Every Angle for Perfect Results

The 3-panel design provides a complete 360° view so you can see the back and sides of your head. No more twisting and turning to catch a glimpse of what the back looks like! The tri-fold design lays flat or stands up on any surface, with two side panels angling out from the center panel to provide a complete view. Position the panels as needed to get the perfect view for any styling need.

Bright, Adjustable LED Lights for a Clear View

This lighted makeup mirror features built-in LED lights that provide superb illumination so you don’t miss any details. The lights are carefully positioned to provide optimal lighting and visibility. Easily adjust the brightness with the touch controls to create the perfect lighting for any environment, from a dimly lit room to broad daylight. The bright lights highlight every strand and reflect off the mirrored surfaces to give you a clear, well-lit view for precise styling.

High Quality Materials and Construction

Expertly constructed from shatterproof ABS plastic and high definition glass, this trifold mirror is made to last. The materials provide a crystal clear reflection without distortion. A protective film on the glass preserves the flawless finish and prevents scratches during travel and storage. Simply remove the film before use to reveal the clear, pristine mirrored surfaces.

Portable and Multi-Use

Take this mirror anywhere! It comes with a padded travel pouch so you can carry it along in your bag and use it anywhere. Hang it up at home using the included door hooks or simply place it on any flat surface. The free-standing and portable design means you can use this mirror for hair, makeup, personal grooming, dental care, sewing, and more – at home or on the go.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and construction of every product we make. That’s why we offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. We are a family-owned and operated small business, and we truly care that our customers are happy with their purchase. If you experience any issues or have any concerns, reach out and we will work with you until you are completely satisfied. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


  • Practical 3-way mirror provides a 360° view to see the back of your head for cutting, styling, and braiding
  • Tri-fold design with 3 panels lays flat or stands up
  • Built-in LED lights provide adjustable brightness for a clear, well-lit view
  • Protective film prevents scratches during travel and storage
  • Comes with door hooks for hanging and a padded travel pouch
  • Portable, multi-use design for hair, makeup, grooming, and more
  • Shatterproof ABS plastic and distortion-free mirrored glass surfaces
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee – we stand behind our products and customers

Achieve your best look every time with the Bluelilly Co. 3 Way Mirror! This innovative lighted mirror is a must-have for flawless hair styling, makeup application, braiding, trimming, and more. See yourself clearly from all angles and get picture-perfect results at home, while traveling, or anywhere you need a quality mirror.


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