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Tidy Up Your Shower with the Sleek AVIVA Dispenser

Is your shower cluttered with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? Do you find yourself constantly knocking over bottles trying to wash your hair? It’s time to declutter and organize your shower with the Better Living Products AVIVA 3 Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser. This space-saving dispenser mounts directly to your shower wall to keep all your shower essentials neat, tidy, and easily accessible.

The AVIVA dispenser features three individual chambers that lift off the wall for easy refilling and cleaning. Each chamber can hold up to 16 oz of your favorite shower products like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even shave gel. The chambers are constructed from durable ABS plastic to withstand humidity and frequent use.

Installing this shower dispenser takes just minutes with the included waterproof silicone adhesive and two-way tape. No tools required! The sleek satin silver/chrome finish blends with any existing chrome bathroom hardware and accessories.

Key Features:

  • 3 individual refillable chambers hold up to 16 oz each
  • Sleek satin silver/chrome finish matches existing bathroom hardware
  • Chambers lift off for easy cleaning and refilling
  • Water-resistant ABS plastic construction
  • Includes strong waterproof adhesive and two-way tape for easy install
  • Built-in storage hooks hold razors, loofahs, and more
  • Wall mount design saves space and declutters shower

Declutter Your Shower for Good

Tired of cluttered shelves and messy corners filled with bottles in your shower? The AVIVA dispenser mounts directly to your shower wall to free up space and keep all your essentials organized in one place. The three chambers are specially designed to hold common shower products:

Chamber 1 – Fill with your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Keep your hair care products easily accessible and prevent spills or leaks from tipped over bottles.

Chamber 2 – Fill this chamber with shower gel, body wash, or hand soap. The easy-to-use pump makes dispensing a breeze.

Chamber 3 – Use this chamber for shave gel, facial cleansers, or any other liquid shower needs.

The individual chambers lift off the main dispenser with just a gentle pull, making refills and cleaning a breeze. No more wrestling with stuck-on bottles!

Easy Installation in Minutes

Gone are the days of complicated installation for bathroom accessories. The AVIVA dispenser uses a combination of strong silicone adhesive and two-way tape to mount securely to your shower wall.

Just peel away the backing from the tape strips, press the dispenser firmly to the wall for 30 seconds, and you’re done! The waterproof adhesive keeps the unit mounted even with high humidity and frequent use. No tools or drillng required.

The dispenser is compatible with most common shower wall materials including tile, glass, acrylic, and fiberglass. Choose a location that is smooth, clean, and dry for best results. Installation takes just minutes for a dramatic decluttered look.

Keep Your Shower Organized

The convenient built-in storage hooks allow you to organize all your shower accessories in one place. Keep loofahs, razors, and washcloths neatly stored but within arm’s reach. No more hunting around for your razor or accidentally knocking it to the shower floor.

The storage hooks also provide a handy spot to hang wet towels or clothing to dry after use. This all-in-one shower station is thoughtfully designed to keep your whole shower tidy and clutter-free.

High Quality Construction

Better Living Products uses top quality materials designed to withstand the high humidity environment of the bathroom. The AVIVA dispenser housing is made from ABS plastic which resists corrosion, rust, and mildew.

The pumps and tubes are flexible and waterproof to prevent leaks. Each chamber holds up to 16 oz of liquid – plenty of capacity between refills.

The dispenser comes in a beautiful satin silver/chrome finish that blends seamlessly with your existing metallic bathroom hardware and accessories. The sleek style looks great in modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Stop Wasting Time and Money

It’s amazing how much time we waste in the shower fumbling for bottles and knocking things over. The AVIVA shower dispenser keeps your products organized and within reach, making your morning routine faster and more pleasant.

No more buying duplicate products because you can’t find the bottle. Stop wasting money and prevent plastic bottle waste by refilling the AVIVA chambers.

Easy Refills Between Showers

Caring for the AVIVA dispenser is fast and simple. When a chamber is running low, lift it off the main dispenser unit and carry it to your storage bottles. Unscrew the pump assembly and pour your favorite product into the chamber.

Replace the pump and snap the chamber back onto the dispenser – it clicks into place magnetically. You can even refill chambers outside the shower so they’re ready to go for your next shower.

Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-Free

Mounted shower storage is a must for modern bathrooms. Keep your space looking sleek and decluttered with this 3-chamber shower dispenser.

No more scattered bottles crowing counters and windowsills. The AVIVA dispenser installs in minutes to keep all your shower products organized and easily accessible. Just a quick wipe down keeps it looking fresh and clean.

Upgrade your shower storage and declutter your bathroom with this convenient wall mounted soap and shower dispenser. It makes showering a pleasure rather than a hassle.

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