Bernkot Corner Shower Shelf – Trapezoid Shaped Stainless Steel Bathroom Shelf Set, Wall Mounted for Toiletries



Tired of having your shampoos and soaps slide around in the shower? Searching for a way to neatly organize your bathroom essentials? Introducing the Bernkot Corner Shower Shelf, the stylish and functional solution to your shower storage needs!

This space-saving corner shelf set is expertly crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, known for its impressive rust and corrosion resistance. The sleek, modern trapezoid design allows you to tuck it away into any shower corner for a tidy, organized look. No more cluttered shower floors or messy bathroom countertops with this simple shelf solution.

With two included shelves in the set, you’ll have plenty of customizable storage options. Each measures 12 inches wide, with varying depths perfect for keeping all your toiletries upright and easily within reach. Place taller bottles like shampoo, conditioner or body wash on the deeper shelf. Use the shallower shelf for bar soap, razors, loofahs or smaller bottles of shower gel or facial cleanser.

The slim, open design allows for quick drainage and fast drying, preventing any messy soap scum buildup over time. Small drainage holes along the edges let water easily flow through. The sleek steel construction wipes clean with just a swipe of a cloth, keeping your shelves looking like new.

When it comes to installation, the Bernkot Shelf couldn’t be easier. No tools are required – simply inset the shelves directly into your existing shower wall tiles. The included tile removal tool lets you cleanly and easily carve out space in the grout lines. Once slots are carved, just insert the corner shelves and you’re done. No drilling into tile or wasted time with glue or adhesive.

With two finish options, you can choose either a classic stainless steel look or modern matte black to seamlessly match your existing shower décor and hardware. The minimalist, floating aesthetic contributes to any contemporary, modern, industrial or minimalist bathroom design.

Why You’ll Love the Bernkot Corner Shelf

Premium Materials – Made from 304 stainless steel rather than cheaper 201 alternatives. Offers maximum rust resistance and durability.

Sleek, Modern Design – Trapezoid shape and thin profile is contemporary and space-saving. Fits unobtrusively into any shower corner.

Customizable Storage – Two included shelves allow you to organize bottles and toiletries just the way you like.

Easy Installation – No tools required. Simply carve grout lines with included tool and insert into wall. No glue or drilling into tile.

Matches Your Style – Available in stainless steel or matte black to coordinate with your bathroom’s finishes.

Improved Hygiene – Drainage holes prevent pooling water and soap scum buildup.

A Place for Everything – Keep all your bath essentials neatly organized and within easy reach. No more shower clutter!


“I used to have shampoo bottles lined up all over my shower floor because I had nowhere else to put them. The Bernkot shelf changed everything! Now all my products are organized and right at my fingertips when I need them. Installation took 5 minutes – so simple. I’m buying another set for our other bathroom!” – Sarah M.

“My wife has been wanting corner shower shelves for a while but I didn’t want to deal with a complicated installation. I’m happy to say this shelf was incredibly easy to put up and looks great in our bathroom. The modern design is perfect for our contemporary style. Would highly recommend!” – Brian T.

“Love the convenience of having my soaps and razors within reach now. No more bending down! The shelves blend right in and match the other hardware finishes we have. Makes my shower look so much more organized and put together now. Thinking about getting another set for shampoo and conditioner bottles too!” – Lauren G.


  • Dimensions: 12 inches wide x 6.1 inches deep x 3 inches high
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Finish Options: Stainless Steel, Matte Black
  • Set Includes: 2 corner shelves
  • Installation Method: Grout line insertion, no tools required
  • Drainage holes along edge
  • Weight Capacity: 7 pounds per shelf

Ditch the shower clutter and enjoy an organized, mess-free bathing experience with the Bernkot Corner Shower Shelf. Expertly crafted and designed to fit unobtrusively into any shower corner, this shelf set is the easy solution to your bathroom storage needs. The sleek stainless steel construction is made to last while the customizable shelves keep all your most-used toiletries neatly organized and within arm’s reach.

Click Add to Cart now to enjoy this modern storage solution! Your tidy, clutter-free shower awaits.


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