Bemis Commercial Grade Elongated Toilet Seat with Stainless Steel Hinge



Upgrade your bathroom with the Bemis 1900SS commercial grade elongated toilet seat. This heavy-duty toilet seat is built to last with stainless steel hardware and a sturdy plastic seat. The Bemis 1900SS offers maximum convenience with its unique hinge system that allows the seat to stay up on its own. Never struggle with trying to keep the toilet seat up again! This hands-free design makes bathroom visits more sanitary and hassle-free.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Construction

The Bemis 1900SS toilet seat features a commercial grade plastic construction that stands up to heavy use. The molded plastic seat has a smooth, glossy finish that resists chips, wears and stains. Cleaning is easy with just mild soap and water. ForGET abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface over time.

While plastic is durable, it’s the stainless steel hardware that really sets this seat apart. The self-sustaining hinges, posts, and pintles are made from 300 series stainless steel – the highest marine grade available. This non-corrosive metal withstands moisture and cleaning chemicals without rusting or seizing up. The hex-tite bolts and wing nuts make installation a cinch too.

Unique Self-Sustaining Hinge System

The innovative self-sustaining hinge is what makes the Bemis 1900SS so convenient. The hinge holds the toilet seat in a raised position up to 11 degrees beyond vertical. That means you can lift the seat up and move away without worrying about it slamming shut. The hinge will support the seat until you manually lower it.

For commercial restrooms, this feature helps promote better hygiene by eliminating contact between the seat and dirty hands. The hands-free design also makes bathroom access easier for disabled individuals or anyone who struggles with movement. No more fumbling with trying to juggle the seat while using the toilet!

Fits Most Elongated Toilet Bowls

With its elongated shape, the Bemis 1900SS toilet seat is made to fit most elongated residential and commercial toilet bowls. Popular brands like Kohler, American Standard, and TOTO are compatible. Just be sure to measure your toilet bowl dimensions to ensure a proper match. The elongated shape adds extra comfort versus a round bowl.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the top-mounting system. Simply set the seat on the bowl and tighten down the wing nuts from above. No need to access those tricky underside mounting bolts! Bemis toilet seats are proudly made in the USA from earth-friendly materials and processes.

We’re Here to Help

For additional details or installation advice, Bemis customer service is available at 888-722-6488 CST from 8am to 5pm. Or browse our online FAQs and resources.

Order the Bemis 1900SS Toilet Seat Today!

Upgrade to the convenience and durability of the Bemis 1900SS commercial grade elongated toilet seat today. This made in USA seat will provide years of reliable hands-free use thanks to its self-sustaining hinge design. The plastic seat cleans up nicely while the stainless steel hardware withstands moisture and chemicals. For heavy duty performance in your residential or commercial bathroom, choose Bemis!


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