Bemis Assurance 3″ Raised Toilet Seat with Clean Shield, Round, White – Elevated Toilet Seat for Added Height and Hygiene Protection



Do you or a loved one struggle with mobility issues that make using the toilet difficult or uncomfortable? The Bemis Assurance 3″ Raised Toilet Seat with Clean Shield provides the extra height and safety features you need to make using the bathroom easier.

This rounded toilet seat elevates your seating position by 3 inches, reducing the distance you need to bend when sitting down or standing up. The added height takes strain off your back, hips, and knees, while also providing stability and support. No more painful, awkward movements or worrying about balance.

But what really makes the Bemis Assurance seat unique is the integrated shield. This genius reverse funnel design keeps everything contained inside the toilet bowl. Messy splashes, spills, and dribbles are blocked from escaping onto the seat or floor. The shield simply traps waste inside the bowl where it belongs.

Key Features and Benefits

Added Height for Easier Mobility: Raises seating position by 3 inches to reduce bend and reach when sitting or standing. Takes pressure off back, hips, knees, and joints. Provides extra stability and support.

Integrated Shield Contains Messes: Reverse funnel shield blocks spills and leaks from escaping the bowl. Keeps seat and floor clean. Traps waste inside toilet where it belongs.

Patented Snap-2-Secure System: Engineered clamping force creates rock solid attachment. Seat stays tightly secured and will not loosen or wiggle.

Self-Sustaining Hinges: Allow easy lift up for cleaning. Keeps seat raised on its own when in use. Prevents slamming.

Durable and Supportive: Made from heavy duty solid plastic tested to 1,000 lbs. Comfortable molded design eliminates pressure points.

Universal Round Fit: Designed to fit most round bowl toilets including Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, and more. Please measure before ordering.

Proudly Made in USA: Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials and processes. Backed by Bemis quality and customer support.

Gain Confidence, Comfort, and Cleanliness

The Bemis Assurance Raised Toilet Seat provides the peace of mind and pain-free experience everyone deserves in the bathroom. No more worrying about falls, strains, messes, or hygiene disasters.

The integrated shield prevents the spread of germs and contains any leaks or dribbles inside the bowl. Keep your bathroom floors clean and sanitary for family and guests. The smooth plastic is easy to wipe down after every use.

Sit, stand, and move about the bathroom with greater comfort, confidence, and independence. The Assurance seat offers the added height and secure installation elderly, disabled, or mobility challenged individuals need to use the toilet safely and without excess bending, reaching or twisting.

Regain your dignity and freedom in the bathroom. Live in a cleaner space without constant cleaning up splashes and drips. Experience safe, sanitary and pain-free bathroom visits with the Bemis Assurance Raised Toilet Seat with integrated shield.

Compatibility and Installation

The Bemis Assurance Raised Toilet Seat is designed to fit most standard round bowl toilets, including brands like Kohler, American Standard, TOTO, Niagara, Mansfield, and more. Please measure the shape and dimensions of your toilet bowl carefully before ordering to ensure proper fit.

Installation is quick and easy with the included hardware and tool. The patented Snap-2-Secure fastening system creates the perfect clamping force for a firm non-wiggly connection. Adjustable turn-buttons allow you to fine tune the tightness as needed over time.

Bemis also recommends purchasing their Independence Aluminum Support Arms to add adjustable armrests for extra safety and support when sitting down or standing up. The support arms easily attach to the Assurance seat and work on both elongated and round bowl toilets.

Give yourself or a loved one the mobility confidence boost that comes with the Bemis Assurance 3″ Raised Toilet Seat. Experience hassle-free bathroom visits and improved cleanliness with its innovative integrated shield. This thoughtfully designed toilet seat provides the height, security, and protection needed for greater comfort, safety and dignity.

Order the Bemis Assurance Raised Toilet Seat today and take the difficulty, discomfort, and mess out of using the bathroom. It could dramatically improve daily life and hygiene for you or someone you care about.


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