Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk Workstation



Tired of sitting all day? Upgrade your workspace and improve your health with the DlandHome Mobile Standing Desk. This adjustable height desk allows you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, reducing back and neck pain while boosting energy and productivity.

Crafted with premium materials, the DlandHome Standing Desk features a sleek and spacious 23.6″ x 11.8″-23.6″ desktop that provides ample room for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, documents and more. The high gloss finish is not only elegant but easy to keep clean. The sturdy powder coated steel frame and heavy duty casters support up to 88 lbs for smooth height adjustments and mobility.

Customize Your Workspace

The DlandHome Standing Desk allows you to customize your workspace with adjustable dual platforms. Set both desktops at the perfect sitting or standing height or mix and match for your ideal ergonomic setup. The tilting desktop panel keeps your laptop securely in place while the ledges prevent sliding and drops.

Moving Made Simple

Easily maneuver your workspace around the home or office with smooth rolling casters. Lock the wheels when you’ve found your ideal spot. The standing desk frame adjusts from 27.6″ to 45.3″ with a gas spring hovering system that allows effortless transitions from sitting to standing.

Standing Desk Benefits:

Reduces back and neck pain by improving posture and strengthening core muscles
Increases energy and productivity by activating more muscles and blood flow
Aids weight loss and weight management by burning more calories
Lowers risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers
Alternating between sitting and standing reduces static muscle fatigue
Easy manual height adjustments, no electricity required
The Right Height For You

Finding the optimum height for your standing desk can take some experimenting. Here are some general guidelines:

Keyboard height: Set your keyboard so your shoulders are relaxed and elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Wrists should be floating above the keyboard in a neutral position.
Monitor height: Position the top of your screen slightly below eye level. Look at the middle of the monitor without bending your neck down or angling your chin up.
Desktop height: When standing, set the desk around elbow height. When sitting, adjust so your arms form 90 degree angles at your elbows.
Tips for Standing Desk Success:

Wear supportive shoes like sneakers. Avoid heels or slip-on shoes.
Engage your core and keep your back straight. Avoid slouching.
Place one foot on a footrest to distribute weight evenly. Switch sides periodically.
Set reminders to change positions or take walking breaks.
Stretch hips, legs and wrists to keep limber.
Bring movement and improved ergonomics to your daily routine with the DlandHome Mobile Standing Desk. The spacious desktop, smooth height adjustments and locking casters make it easy to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Experience the benefits for your posture, health and productivity.


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