Add a Touch of Natural Style to Your Home with the DOITOOL Rattan Waste Basket



Tired of ugly plastic wastebaskets that clash with your home’s décor? The DOITOOL Rattan Waste Basket brings a touch of natural style to any room. Handwoven from premium plastic rattan, this round basket trash can has the look and feel of real rattan without the higher cost.

With its neutral woven texture and warm brown color, this rattan-style basket complements both traditional and contemporary décors. The lidded design keeps odors contained while lending a finished look. No more unsightly garbage in plain view!

Stylish Yet Durable

Beautiful aesthetics meet durability with this waste bin. The plastic rattan material is highly durable and resistant to wear, fading, and cracking. So it maintains its appearance over time despite everyday use.

Shaped from a single piece of rattan plastic, this basket features tight weaving with no weak points. The smooth, rounded edges won’t snag clothes or scratch furniture.

Perfect Size for Any Room

Measuring 11 inches long x 9.2 inches wide x 7.8 inches high, this wastebasket offers ample room for trash and recycling. The medium round shape and size make it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, laundry rooms, and more.

The roomy 11-liter capacity easily contains trash from multiple users. Empty less often than with smaller bins.

With its conservative footprint, the basket tucks neatly beside desks, vanities, and cabinets without hogging space. The neutral woven look blends seamlessly into any décor.

Keeps Odors Contained

The lid fits tightly to lock out smells from dirty diapers, food waste, and other smelly garbage. No more worries about your home smelling like a trash bin!

The lid knob makes it easy to remove and replace the cover. Simply flip the lid open when you’re ready to toss in waste then close it again to contain odors.

Multipurpose Storage

This woven wastebasket isn’t just for trash! Use it creatively around your home to organize and contain all kinds of items beyond garbage.

Bathroom storage for fresh towels, toilet paper rolls, bath toys, and cleaning supplies
Under-bed storage for extra linens and blankets
Kitchen storage for potatoes, onions, fruit, or recycling
Kids’ room toy storage and organizational bin
Beside the desk for letter trays and filing
Laundry room for soiled clothes and rags

Designed for Daily Use

Built solidly from durable materials, this rattan-look waste bin withstands the rigors of daily use for years of reliable service. The plastic woven construction is waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to mildew and bacteria.

To clean, simply wipe out with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed. For a deeper clean, remove the liner and wash the basket by hand. Dimensions make it easy to toe the basket under bathroom and kitchen sinks for quick cleanups.

With its handsome looks and sturdy build, this wastebasket upgrades your trash storage to an attractive home accent. Toss away trash in style while adding warmth and texture with the basketweave design.

Bring the DOITOOL Rattan Waste Basket home today to add cozy style and efficient storage to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more!


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